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Jon Cousins is a Glastonbury historian that is available for special tours, talks and events, please contact us.

He is also a published author, film maker, and composer.  His respected works on the history of the town are known as the ‘Glastonbury Documents’; he has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the myths, legends, and characters that populate both the town’s past and present, and he writes a regular column in Glastonbury’s Oracle magazine.

In 2012, Jon featured in BBC’s ‘Great British Story’ documentary series about the history of Glastonbury, and has been interviewed many times by the local press and media.  He will also appear in the new documentary film ‘A Glastonbury Experience’, which is currently in production.

A well known face in Glastonbury, Jon has lived and worked in the town since 2003.  In that time he has been extremely active within the community, helping to set up and co-ordinate a number of local groups, community organisations, and events, including: Glastonbury’s May Day ‘Beltane’ Celebrations, the Annual Harvest Show, the Glastonbury Frost Fair, and the local celebrations for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

In 2011, Jon was elected onto Glastonbury Town Council as a ward Councillor for St. Edmund’s, and was returned for a second term – becoming Deputy Mayor of Glastonbury on St. Dunstan’s Day, 19th May, 2015.

Jon Cousins
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