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Wearyal Hill - The Base Chakra

We start at the site where Glastonbury truly began. The site where Joseph or Arimathea and Mary Magdalene planted the staff  that they were given by Jesus, which miraculously started to grow.  Tor will do a visualisation uniting the divine masculine and divine feminine working with the chalice and sword represented in the landscape.

Magdalene Chapel - The Sacral Chakra

Tor will next take you to the 'hidden chapel', the site where the Mary Magdalene ley line enters Glastonbury. Tor will lead you in a visualisation attuning to your ancestors through your blood line, the divine feminine or your mothers line to your life in the now and take you into the future.


Glastonbury Abbey - The Solar Plexus Chakra

Next we enter into the Abbey where the 'Wattle Church' was built in 38AD by the Christ Family. This is where the first ever purpose built place of Christian worship was built, way before the Catholic Church. Here Tor will guide you on a visualisation connecting you to family and community.


St. John's Church - The Heart Chakra


Glastonbury is the heart chakra of the planet and St. John's Church is in the centre f the centre. Here we will focus on the area of Glastonbury being the heart, the Tor is as the heart bringing all the bad blood (energies) in to purify and send it back out into the world, that is why Glastonbury is such a transformational place.


The Chalice Well - The Throat Chakra

Chalice Well 'Peace Garden', founded by Joseph of Arimathea himself, offers great healing with its holy waters, as well as offering a timeless symbol of the unconditional love and the overflowing love. With the blood red waters constantly giving and cleansing, Tor will offer a visualisation on the chalice representing the feminine and the white spring represents the masculine. At the throat chakra we will look at our personal power, our voice in the world and our actions, the external and look at how to put this into action before we move into the space of manifestation on the Tor.

The Egg Stone on the Tor - The Third Eye Chakra

As we enter the labyrinth on the Tor, Tor will ask you to pause at the gateway stones to set your intentions, then he will lead you to the Egg Stone on the side of the Tor, which is located on the Labyrinth level of the Third Eye. Here he will ask you to visualize your soul path and your future. 

The Tor - The Crown Chakra

Here at the centre of the labyrinth on the Tor, you will meet Archangel Michael. He will help you complete your chakra journey of Glastonbury and show you where you are, where you are to go next and how to integrate this experience into your life. To complete Tor will do a grounding practice as we descend the Tor and return to the town.

The Glastonbury Chakra Journey -

The Ultimate Glastonbury Experience in one day

1 £95

2 £75 per person

3 £65 per person

4-8 £55 per person

9-12 £50 per person

13-20 £40 per person

21-40 £30 per person

kids go free.


Meet outside St Johns Church, High St.

wear good walking shoes

Tor's Chakra Tour

Reviewed 6 October 2015

A most rewarding experience. The Tour Guide was fantastic and his knowledge of the ancient history of the Glastonbury area is profound. It was mystical and magical in every way, a Tour worth taking.

Glastonbury Chakra tour

Reviewed 30 September 2015

Tor is such an amazing guide. I was blown away by his extensive knowledge. He is a mystic. He really takes you on an inner journey on the tour. One begins to connect to the history of the sacred land of Avalon. He knows so much about the ley lines and the grids. His meditations at each place and the connection to the chakras are so deep. In one in the Magdalene Chapel I actually got teary eyed. Climbing the Tor was a little challenging for me , but he helped carry my items and encouraged me on the way. I would not have been able to make it with out his encouragement. I highly recommend going on his tour. I had been to the sacred sites before on my own, but it paled in comparison.

Unforgettable experience..

Reviewed 17 July 2015

I am so thankful I found Tor's website and booked a tour with him! Exploring all the magical places, listening to Tor's stories about the history and energies, being guided in made my trip an unforgettable experience.
I spent a day with Tor in Glastonbury on the Glastonbury Chakra Tour en then Tor took a friend and me on the two day King Arthur's Cornwall trip. Perfect when you're not from the UK and rather have someone else drive you on the left side of the road ;) Tor is a great host and a natural leader. He'll guide you safely into dark cages and through rocky terrain. His energy is amazing. And we had a lot of fun! I highly recommend exploring Glastonbury/Cornwall with Tor - whether you're travelling alone or with friends. He even dropped us off at our B&B in Bristol after our trip, which was great service. Thanks again, Tor! I'm sure I'll come back again.


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