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Michael has lived in Glastonbury since 2011 and spends much of his time investigating the local landscape through dowsing and reading historical literature. He believes that around the Tor and within Glastonbury abbey there once lay a vast megalithic complex upon which the very first Christian site in Britain was chosen. He keeps up to date with various researchers of sacred sites as much new information comes flooding in. For many people living in Glastonbury the year 2016 has marked a definite shift in the consciousness of ourselves and of the planet, allowing new ideas to open new doorways into the nature of our divine potential. Michael will guide you to some of these precise energy points, many of which are already well marked by ancient buildings and ruins.

Michael has some very plausible explanations of the technology behind the Avebury and Stonehenge monuments, their purpose and why they stopped working. He believes the energy required by these "machines" is once again available now we have reached the Age of Aquarius. What are we waiting for!

As a professional musicain he is always happy to bring a little music along, specialising in ancient stringed instruments such as the lute. He regularly plays around the country with his bawdy and brilliant Elizabethan trio "Princes in the Tower". He also maintains his psychedelic folk/rock ensemble "Circulus".


Michael Tregarthen "Trigg" Tyack

Best tour ever...

Reviewed 21 November 2017

I took the six day tour in early September 2017...both Tor and Michael guided...two truly magical people...I will admit I was not versed in the spiritual ways of Glastonbury and area...but these guides provided a whole new and vibrant way of looking at the world...I saw some of the most beautiful spots and learn so much...all provided by these guides with a joy for the world and everything in it...they were gentle, accommodating and helpful...we were small groups...lots of information...these were tours where you really could make them whatever you needed...Tor and Michael were up for a discussion on anything...while I loved my three weeks in England...this tour was by far the highlight of the trip and I would recommend these tours to anything will look at the world differently and with a little more joy in your heart...thanks Tor and Micheal.

Highly recommended

Reviewed 13 October 2017

My husband and I did the Glastonbury Quest tour with Michael and had the best time! It was a magical tour, visiting some of Glastonbury's most sacred places. It was a tour we will never forget. If you're in the area, it's a must do! Michael was a lovely tour guide, incredibly knowledgeable, easy going and had loads of interesting stories. Thanks again Michael! :)

One perfect day in Glastonbury

Reviewed 18 June 2017

My husband and I had the most amazing day touring Glastonbury with Michael our guide . He was so professional ,personal and a very spiritually aware and passionate person. We loved our time with Michael and our comfortable walk to each significant site. He raised awareness in us, and because Michael is so sensitive to energy (amazing musician) this made visiting places like the Abbey, Chalice Wells, the Tor and more even more profound. I am a healer in Australia and my soul feels soooo happy. You were the perfect guide for me and us Michael and I would recommend you to anyone who wishes to have a deep learning of Glastonbury as well as a beautiful spiritual experience .

The Best Tour of the Tor

Reviewed 22 October 2016

I got to experience this tour with Michael Tyack. It was incredible! Michael, two other guys (Paolo and Bruno), and I spent about 9 hours traipsing all over Glastonbury to see the sacred and historical sights. Michael's knowledge, humor, and enthusiasm were all wonderful. I learned a lot - and not just about Glastonbury. It was an amazing day and I am so grateful I got to experience Glastonbury this way. Thanks again, Michael!

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