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In the mystical land of England rests a tipping point between history and mystery, Heaven and Earth. Allow us to guide you through the wild sacred landscape, introducing you to Arthur's Knights and the Grail Maidens, nature's wonders and ancient stone circles. Let us take you on a trail to the first Celtic Christians and Our Lady Mary Magdalene. Walk with us on pathways that align you to the stars. Each meal promises a feast of food and conversation, each bed a night filled with dreams. Your magical mystery tour of discovery starts here!

Tor has been running tours in Britian since 2001 and set up 'Tor's Tours' in 2011. Many have enjoyed his informed and informal approach to sharing the myths and legends of this magical area. He has local knowledge spanning over a period of 7000 years, from the days of the Druid mystery school, through the time of Joseph of Arimathea, uncle of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, coming to the Isle of Avalon.

If you are looking for an in-depth myths and history tour or a tour with a guided visualisation at each site Tor and his team will accommodate you. They will also try to accommodate your timing needs and budget requirements. Just contact them.

Beauty and Magic.

The ancient mystical 'Isle of Avalon’ or Glastonbury has many levels of magical beauty. The countryside cannot be matched. It is formed by four sacred hills: Chalice Hill, Wearyall Hill, Windmill Hill and the famous Glastonbury Tor.

Glastonbury Tor with its St Michael's tower and ledges caved into a 3d labyrinth, named the ‘dragon path’ by the ancient druids, is the icon for the South-West of England.  It has seven holy springs, one being the White Spring, which has been recently renovated into a sacred circular pool open to all for bathing.

The hidden beauty of Glastonbury invites you into a timeless, spiritual space. Travel there with the faeries who live in the two thousand-year old oak trees, Gog and Maygog, or let the guardians of the hidden standing stone, locally known as the ‘Egg Stone’ - situated on the flank of the Tor, enchant you into this timeless space. Make a pilgrimage to the ‘Holy thorn’ tree on Wearyall Hill, which holds the timeless legend of Joseph of Arimathea planting his staff there two thousand years ago, or follow Frederick Bligh Bond on his mission to excavate the Abbey in 1908 / let the spirits of the monks in Glastonbury Abbey guide you to the spot where they told Frederick Bligh Bond to excavate in 1908.

Intrigue and Controversy.

There has been much intrigue and controversial activity going on in Glastonbury. Since the Roman Empire, the Catholic Church has been fighting against the notion that the first Christian church - the 'Wattle Church' - was built in Glastonbury by Joseph of Arimathea & Mary Magdalene. Also thousand years later, the Glastonbury monks claimed King Arthur and his queen Guinevere were buried in the abbey grounds.
In 1539, during the period of the church reformation under King Henry VIII, the community was shocked about the horrific ritual murder of Richard Whiting, the last abbot of Glastonbury Abbey. 

Reasonably priced, tailor-made tours are available - performing ceremonies and rites are one of my specialities, so please get in touch.
Tours into Stonehenge stone circle - Avebury - Tintagel, Cornwall - Roslyn chapel, Scotland and many other amazing places also available upon request.

Tor's Tour shares all, the no holds bards.

Call 07813156784 now, to book your tour

Tor's Tour of the Tor.

And did those feet in ancient time
walk upon England's mountains green;
and was the holy Lamb of God
on England’s pleasant pastures seen!

And did the Countenance Divine
shine forth upon our clouded hills?
And was Jerusalem builded here,
among these dark Satanic Mills?

Bring me my Bow of burning gold;
bring me my Arrows of desire;
bring me my Spear: O clouds unfold!
Bring me my Chariot of fire!

I will not cease from Mental Fight,
Nor shall my Sword sleep in my hand:
Till we have built Jerusalem,
In Englands green & pleasant Land.

by Willam Blake

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