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Tor Webster, a local Glastonbury man created the company 'Tor's Tour of the Tor' in 2011 and it has gone from strength to strength, as has his involvement in putting Glastonbury firmly on the tourist map of England. In those three years, he has been interviewed by BBC TV, BBC Radio, Russian TV,  Japanese TV, Norwegian and local documentary productions, as well as being featured in German National Geographic Magazine and The World National Geographic TV Channel.

Tor moved to Glastonbury in 2001. His father and Danish mother (hence having the very apt name from birth of Tor) had already been living there for a few years. Tor's tour of the Tor has also become top of the list of Glastonbury Tourist activities on the Trip Advisor website.

Tor is an independent filmmaker. In 2009, he completed a feature length documentary called the ‘Rainbow Serpent Project,’ which is about his pilgrimage to the earth chakra sites spread across the world.

Tor is a medium and healer, he works with the vibration of 'Love', the teacher he channels is of the universal truth. Tor has been studying the ancient traditions of the early Celtic Christians called 'The Way' for over 25 years.



Tor Webster

Guide and Medium.


Robin Clare 



"When I first saw an advertisement for Tor’s sessions in the USA, I asked my Divine Guidance, “Should I?” and before I could finish my question, I heard, “Yes!.” I did not hesitate and I set up an appointment. I truly had no idea of the gift I would receive.  Tor is the channel for an extraordinary Divine source called, The Heart. In the session, The Heart shared loving messages for my life and guidance on how to move forward in my own divinely guided work. Two additional bonuses were Tor’s pure energy as a channel for The Heart and his pleasant English accent.  I highly recommend!"

Jo Edwards,




"I recently met with Tor and experienced a wonderful session as he channelled Ishmael. For me it was a very powerful as through Tor, Ishmael spoke very clearly to me, answered my questions and reaffirmed to me the path I was on. Like many that are on a journey of self discovery and mission to give back love and peace to our earth I knew there were some imbalances in my life that needed attention. Ishmael knew and identified things on my mind and kindly gave some honest and straight forward advice, it was an emotionally connected and deep presence I felt during the session. After the channelling was complete, Tor also guided me through a meditation and beautiful healing, for which I'm am very grateful. With love, light and gratitude I would highly recommend a session with Tor."


Cherie Angelia

(Kalgoorlie, WA).



"It's as much an honour to provide feedback for Tor as it was to spend time with him at Uluru, Nov 14. Throughout the week I learned a lot about the rainbow serpent energy system that I was completely unaware of. This is invaluable information at this stage of my personal awakening as I had experienced the rainbow serpent in meditation/healings in the past yet was unaware of its actual existence and greater workings. This information has also broadened my bucket list of travel horizons to no end, which im already excited about.

I consider myself fortunate to have shared a one on one healing session/reading with Tor where he channeled Ishmael, providing me with very accurate and helpful information and answers I needed to hear at that time. Within the first minute of Ishmaels transmission he mentioned the importance of honouring the dear souls who are departing the planet at this time. At the time, I percieved this statement in a broad sense as it is truth. He also spoke quiet extensively about my Grandmother/s acknowledging the special role they have played in my life, the love, knowledge and teachings they have imparted in our times together, and the gifts they bring to my life. It was beautiful to feel into that love and feel grateful, acknowledging the special closeness we have shared. The following morning my dear Nan, one of my best friends passed away peacefully in her sleep. I recorded my reading on my iphone (highly recommended) so listened again after Nan passed and the advice/understanding Ishmael had given within the reading was invaluable, and really assisted my grieving process.

In general after my channelling with Tor/Ishmael I had far more clarity, less confusion and/or worry about the areas of my life I had been questioning or had been weighing me down at that time. The guidance and answers were very clear and resonated perfectly...things i already knew but still needed to hear as confirmation. I definately plan to connect with Tor again in the future (via Skype) when I need another down to earth clear channelling with Spirit. Ishmael's answers and guidance I know I can trust.

I greatly admire Tor's purpose and dedication to his work for the Earth, Peace and global Unity. Tor to be Tor - He's a true inspiration!"


Lydia Fraser




'Tor's connection to Ishmael creates magic in its human form. Humility is one of Tor's Divine assets, which allows the purity of Ishmael's essence to be channeled on to the earth plane. In my personal session with Tor and Ishmael, a healing took place. And the divine masculine aspect of myself became empowered through love, thus honouring my divine feminine in expressing her truth. Tor represents "Christ Consciousness" and its teachings. His ego is not embedded in the trappings of "Guru status'

He is a humble soul-friend enhancing the vibrational frequency of the planet. "And the meek shall inherit the earth"


Karen Hija de la Pachamama




"Ishmael Channelling By Tor is one of the most heart center ,clear and down to earth message I ever wish for ,it was interactive and full of profound wisdom ,gentle revelation and guidance Tor vibration will make you feel safe and protected , his energy and healing energy is Pure Love Im very grateful for the experience I had."


Susan Christiansen




I had a reading with Tor recently and didn't realize the fullness and gentleness until I listened again. The love that came through from his guide Ishmael, was amazing, and his words resonated a great deal more. A great experience, one I am truly grateful for!


Tor offers various spiritual services to enrich your Glastonbury Experience.

Please contact him to book these sessions during your visit to Glastonbury.

​Tor offers the method of Healing through the Christos, which is considered to be the gentlest yet most powerful form of physical, emotional and soul healing available.  It is drawn directly from the source and is especially aligned to the acceleration of unconditional love.
The 1 hour session includes a Channeling and a healing for £70 (concession avalible.)
​Tor offers Channelled Inspired Guidance to gain insight, guidance and understanding of your path in life.

Tor has Channelled since he was 16 years old, and has worked with five teachers, the current teacher he channels is of the vibration of love and shares the universal truth.


Spiritual experiences offered by Tor.

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