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Day One:

Pick up from Glastonbury or Bristol, from where we will drive to Keswick, Lake District (approximately five hour drive).


Day Two:

we will visit Castlerigg Stone Circle, one of the most visually impressive prehistoric monuments in Britain and most visited stone circle in Cumbria, after which we will drive up to Kilmartin in Scotland (five hour drive.)


Day Three:

We will explore Kilmartin as best as possible, as this area, which contains over 350 monuments within a 6 mile radius, has one of the richest concentrations of prehistoric monuments and historical sites in Scotland. Including a walk up to the hill-fort of Dunadd, one of the major centres of the kingdom of Dal Riata.

Day four:

From Kilmartin we will head up to Oban (45 min. drive). We will travel by ferry to the Isle of Mull. Then we will travel to the holy island of Iona, where many saints and kings have been buried and which is regarded the most beautiful of Scottish holy islands. We will spend the night in Iona.

Day Five:

We will explore the Isle of Mull, then head eastwards to the Loch Nell Stone Circle, where we will connect with the guardian stone Strontoiller, a massive monolith and explore the remains of the fascinating lost serpent mound.


Day six:

From there we will head to Loch Tay down the Tay River. After a little pause we will visit the Fortingall Yew, the remains of an enormous ancient tree, and the Fortingall standing stones. We will visit the crannog center on Loch Tay, an iron age settlement and a the Dewars Whiskey Experience. Stay the night in Edinburgh.


Day Seven:

We will explore the beautiful city of Edinburgh and its surroundings. Including St Giles Cathedral and Edinburgh Castle.


Day Eight: we visit the Rosslyn Chapel, templar site of mystery and connected to the energy of Mary Magdalene, situated within Roslin Glen, Goddess site of beauty. Here we will take a walk along the river and visit the templar cave where we will do a ceremony and visualization of the goddess energies.
We will then return along the coast, back to the Lake District and stay in Keswick for the night.

Day Nine: We will drive back to Bristol or Glastonbury.

Scotland - Celtic Lands - Nine Day Tour
By Request​ (with Tor)

2 £1200 per person
3 £1050 per person
4-8 £950 per person
9 onwards. £850 per person
Under 16 with adult 50% off.


Tour Guide.

All Transport.

Airport Transfers.

Not Included:



Lunch and Dinner.

Entrance fees

Tor's Tour of the Tor, sacred sites England and Scotland !

Reviewed 24 November 2017

An extraordinary trip !
Tor, a man of great knowledge and wisdom at every site visited through England and Scotland!
As a group we all felt so as One, is part of an amazing tour guide as Tor , tons of joy and rainbows!
Love it, the best ever

Magic tours with Tor.

Reviewed 18 August 2014

Tor is a unique and passionate guide. He has lots of knowledge as he effortlessly manages to convey to the group. We visited the beautiful gardens, magical forests, beautiful rivers and waterfalls. I can happily recommend Tor as a guide. He's the real thing :)



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