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"Top Guide to Glastonbury"

Oct 2023 • Friends

Tor is the perfect guide for an immersing experience in the Heart of Glastonbury. He not only displays a vast knowledge of the history of the town, but he also has a deep understanding of the spirit of it. Great sense of humour, too! Just loved it.


"Relaxing and informative tour! Tor is great."

Sept 2023 • Solo

A very relaxing and low-stress tour with lots of storytelling and explanations of the history of the area, without it being overload. I went solo and met wonderful people on the tour. Highly recommend.


"So knowledgeable, filling in many blanks after going to the site alone."

Sept 2023 • Solo

I appreciated Tor's extensive knowledge, and easy going manner. I loved it when he surprised us with a short flute song while in the Abbot's kitchen. Be ready for a faster paced walk, though he kindly waits for all before sharing information. I'm also grateful for the book he recommended on the history of Glastonbury when I inquired. Thanks again, Tor! You were great!

"Experience the Magic of Glastonbury!"

Reviewed 23 September, 2017

The history and magic of Glastobury comes alive through the stories that Tor shares on his tour. He connects ancient legends with known history and makes it all relevant to our lives today. As a solo traveler, I would likely not have seen or learned as much about Glastonbury without this tour- well worth it!! Be ready to walk through the city and climb up to the top of the Tor and perhaps leave offerings for the fairies at the Chalice Well. The whole day is an adventure with a delicious stop for lunch in the middle. If you are traveling to this part of the country, I highly recommend that you book one of Tor's tours!

“highly reccomended tour”

Reviewed August 5, 2013

Tor is the best tour guide. He walked with us all the ways to histrical sites and sacred sites such as white spring, chalice well and abbey with so much knowledge and spiritual approach, which was just fantastic. I will definitely return to Glastonbury with Tor guide next year!


“Glastonbury Tour”

Reviewed July 26, 2013

Tor was a delight! He is knowledgeable and spirited, soft and the feeling I get from Glastonbury. We had 3 days in his company amidst the past of this magical location and I am ready to return.
This was a gift to my sister and niece on their first visit to the UK and Glastonbury was the best of our two weeks together...thanks to Tor and the exquisite folks at The Arimatheon B&B. Highly recommend.

Visited May 2013


“Absolutely the best!”

Reviewed July 15, 2013

Tor Webster is one of the best and most knowledgeable guides for the sites of Glastonbury. He gives an in-depth guided tour of important historical sites of the Ametherian period, as well as the history which followed. His tours are personal and on-the-ground as opposed to a drive-by on a bus. This brings the history alive and gives you an experience you cannot get anywhere else.

Visited July 2013


“Insight from past to present”

Reviewed June 6, 2013

What an enjoyable day from start to finish. Tor's Tour of the magical past, of its beauty and spiritual presence, gave a new meaning to a guided tour. Gently exploring all avenues of history. Dipping our toes into the magical waters, literally,of this spiritual place. Never rushed through and all explained beautifully by Tor. This joyful and uplifting tour is a must. Will do it again soon. Thank you Tor, for a wonderful day and not forgetting Sage (the dog) who was so well behaved.



Reviewed 10 May 2013

Tor really let us feel connected to the mystical history and geography of Glastonbury, and taught my nine-year old daughter to make daisy jewelry.

Visited May 2013

Eric K

Studio City, Ca


“Touring with Tor Webster”

Reviewed 27 April 2013

I had never hired a tour guide before – much less one who you gave such expert one-on-one attention. Tor Webster clearly knows his territory and made it all very enjoyable. It was not only the history lesson and the experience of the spirituality of an ancient sacred space, but the fact that he knew when I was getting hungry and how to find interesting pubs with delicious vegetarian food. As a single woman traveling alone, I might have been a bit apprehensive; but I was quickly put at ease by his careful driving and the gentle border collie, Sage, in the back of the car.
He made excellent suggestions for my first evening in Glastonbury and I enjoyed roaming the streets, eating at a good restaurant and attending a Circulus performance.
The tour of Glastonbury the next day was inspiring. Tor does not foist his beliefs on his listeners, but willingly answers questions. I never felt rushed going from place to place and yet we covered much of the area in one day. If you go, be prepared to hike, but the hikes are not difficult and the views and Tor’s historical comments are well worth the walk.
The next day we visited Stonehenge, Woodhenge, Avebury and another ancient spring. Again he was excellent company and the trip was an educational and revelatory one.
Additional information: Tor picked me up from a professional conference in Exeter, brought me to Glastonbury, then took me to Salisbury. He was not only a tour guide, but served as a very capable personal driver as well. I highly recommend Tor’s Tours and Tor Webster himself. He made this trip a very special experience indeed.

Visited April 2013

Janice S

Glenburn, ME


“Best TO(u)RGuide ever!”

Reviewed 12 April 2013

I went to Glastonbury with a group of 10 from a Reiki network in Aurskog Norway. We had two wonderful days together with Tor where we visited Stonehenge, Avebury, Woodhenge, the Tor, the Chalice Well Garden, the Abbey, Weary Hill and the "End of the Rainbow Cafe". He was simply an awesome tour guide! Great knowledge, friendly, patient, great sense of humor and spiritual. His friend, and soon to be colleague, Gary joined us on day two. He was also very nice, knowledgeable and very friendly. I higly recommend "Tor's Tour of the Tor" when you come to this wonderful area of England!

Visited April 2013


“Enter The Living Sacred Landscape of Avalon.”

Reviewed 15 February 2013

I couldn't have spent the day better - far outstripping any expectations I might have had. Tor and Sage host a complete guided walking tour of all the key sites, places of interest repleat with legend, tales and connection. I think we added a few more whilst being sent off refreshed with new energies to explore. Tremendous day and thanks for the tip on the beer and burgers @ The Sheppey. Am sure to be back for more. Llyr


Bettws Gwerfil Goch, null, United Kingdom


“A misty tour of Avalon”

Reviewed 13 February 2013

We decided to book a tour, because as a child of "old hippies" that had done the Glastonbury thing before I came along I had never been, but had a bit of an idea of the place, albeit a bit fragmented. My husband had also never visited so, as we only had a few days, we thought a day tour would be a good way to actually learn a bit about the landscape and history, especially as we were visiting in the off season.
Tor was excellent, lots of fascinating stuff, and we really felt a spiritual connection to the place as we hoped we would. With my and the husband coming from different faith systems this was no mean feat! What was also lovely was to go on a tour where the guide wasn't "put out" by my constant photography or my terrible lungs making it hard for me to keep up! And in the cold misty weather we had they were worse than usual!
A tour guide that can do all that as well as generally keep my 100% attention is a rare thing as I'm usually the type to be doing 3 things at once! Got to the end and realised my phone had been buzzing away in my pocket and I hadn't noticed, or even thought about it to check whatever it is we all have to check 50 times a day!
Basically? Fantastic, don't think about it just book it. We certainly would/will again. Just have to decide where to visit next first!!


Brighton, UK


“A Day to Remember - with Tor and Sage!!”

Reviewed 23 October 2012

I had a magical day with Tor entering the sacred and mystical landscapes of Glastonbury, - experiencing The Tor, Wearyall Hill, The Chalice Well and Gardens, the Abbey, St Margaret's Chapel - lunch in a great healthy cafe and restaurant -- and much, much MORE!:)
Here is a soul who has a deep connection and knowledge of this mystical, magical and multi-layered town of Glastonbury and the Avalon Isle. He has lived there for many years and knows the land like the back of his hand. Once you experience a tour with Tor you are changed forever. Tor made my stay in Glastonbury extra special and deeply inspiring with a deep immersion into the myths and legends and history of this immensely magical and stunning land. Tor is gentle, kind and fun and I felt as though I had known him before. He is wise beyond his years.
No pilgrimage or trip to Glastonbury is complete without having a tour with Tor --and his faithful, beautiful dog, Sage! It is no ordinary tour - it is much much more. He shows you the many layers and hidden sacred places and I felt part of this special place -- a deep longing and connection to return. I met his lovely mother, Lisahanne who runs a spiritual centre and Bed and Breakfast and the lovely Karen, yoga teacher at the end of the day - special!
Oh and thankyou Tor for carrying my bag up to the Tor *LoL*
Thankyou Tor ---I will meet with you again upon my return. Abundant Blessings and heartfelt thanks and appreciation to you!


Sydney, Australia


“The Highlight of my Trip”

Reviewed 30 September 2012

I'm a metaphysical person who lives in Arizona. I wanted to see Glastonbury because of its spiritual foundations and history. I knew there was something there I needed to see. I also knew that the best was was to use a tour guide who knew the area. I had a good feeling that Tor was that guide based on the reviews on this site.
From the moment I met him and looking into his eyes, I knew he not only knew this area but cherished it. He knows Avalon and the Glastonbury region as well as anyone. And he brings a very special flavor to his tour. He honors and has respect for the area, and he has an inner knowledge of the true history of the region.
If you are a spiritual person, then you want to take at least one tour with Tor. He will bring out the magical mysteries and present them in a way that is enlightening and educating.
Don Durrett
Flagstaff, AZ


“Spiritual Tour of Glastonbury”

Reviewed 30 September 2012

Tor was an exceptional tour guide that took us on a walking trip of Glastonbury Tor, Abbey, & Chalice Well. I was traveling with my 3 year old daughter and my 15 year old son, so it wasn't always an easy journey but Tor was accommodating. There were times when my daughter was tired of walking up to the Tor & he offered to carry her, like a true brother (in spirit), he went above and beyond what you would expect. We learned so much from him with a spiritual perspective that you wouldn't get from an ordinary tour. The entire group was made up of those seeking spirituality and I learned from each person. Grateful for the experience. Will be back, was truly the best part of our vacation and I highly recommend Tor's tours for those seeking knowledge & a spiritual tour group.


Colleyville, Texas


“Enjoyed every minute! Recommend to anyone!”

Reviewed 27 July 2012

I chose the two-day tour for a friend and I. we both enjoyed every minute; Tor has a wealth of information and experience to be able to explain the landscape and deeper meaning to Glastonbury. Together with his faithful companion Sage (a wonderful dog) Tor showed us a wide breadth of history to Glastonbury; he was honest about the ideas around the legends and myths, he personalised the trips to our interests and questions, and challenged the stereotypical view of Glastonbury, and my own understanding. He showed us the places and told us the stories even some locals didn't know! I would recommend his tour to everyone! In fact, I intend to bring my wife back to Glastonbury next time, and take the tour again with her! Thank you so much Tor, for your thoughtful insights and very interesting tour! Hope to see you again brother!

Visited July 2012




“Best day during my visit!”

Reviewed 20 July 2012

I had a great day with Tor and Sage during my visit in Glastonbury. I went on a half day tour and they showed me all the interesting, magical and beautiful places that I wouldn't have been able to find by my self. Tor makes the tour very personal and he listens to what you are interested in and makes sure that your experience gets as good as possible. I can really recommend these tours to everyone with an interest in Glastonbury, it's history and sacred places.

Sofia F

Halmstad, Sweden


“Soooo Enjoyable & Informative”

Reviewed 31 May 2012

We're a group of 5 friends who recently spent a day in Glastonbury. So pleased that we booked a 1/2? day tour with Tor. (and his dog Sage- she knows the route almost better than Tor!!)
What a brilliant tour. Tor is so enthusiastic and knowledgeable about his lovely town. We learned loads, I now understand the meaning behind the words of 'Jerusalem'.
Be prepared for loads of walking, ending in the climb up to the Tor! Feel we did and visited so much, found out so much about the places we visited, that we would never have known if had done it all by ourselves.
Reason for the ? after the 1/2 day? Can't believe Tor packed so much into it, felt more like a full day to all of us, but we really, really enjoyed ourselves, and can thoroughly recommend to anyone wanting to learn more about this beautiful,fascinating and historical Isle of Avalon.
Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!


Portsmouth, United Kingdom


“Tor's Tour is Life Changing”

Reviewed 6 May 2012

Tor provides a wonderful tour of Glastonbury with charm and grace. His knowledge of the history, lore, and spiritual insight of Glastonbury is inspiring. This tour provided me with a new outlook on life and deeper connection to history and its spiritual roots. I highly recommend you spend the day on this marvelous tour of it for yourself!

Visited May 2012

Kate C

Denver, Colorado


Glastonbury - 'The Quest'

One day to see it all walking tour...

Begin your day with a guided walk across Avalon, be transported back 2000 years through the mists, to a time of magic, myths and legends, a time when the family of Christ arrived to these shores of Avalon. Stand next to the Holy Thorn Tree which grew from the staff given to Joseph of Arimathea, by Jesus himself.  He planted the staff as a symbol of the birth of a new way, the early Christian way, and worked with the Pagans and Druids who had used the ancient Isle of Avalon as a site for spiritual initiation for thousands of years.


Then be guided, via the hidden chapel of St Margret, to the site of the Wattle Church in the centre of the Glastonbury Abbey. The Wattle Church is England’s first ever building for Christian worship, built by Mary Magdalene and Joseph of Arimathea in 62AD. A few steps away we find the last resting place of King Arthur and Gwynevere and find out why it is there and how they are linked to the family of Christ. The windows within St Johns church perfectly paint a picture of the hidden stories of old.


After lunch we go on our quest for the Holy Grail, said to be buried under the Chalice Well. Find out why these waters in this tranquil garden are said to be healing by drinking them yourself. Balance the red waters, the female energies of the Chalice Well, with the waters of the White Spring, the male energies, which is very close by, in a beautiful candle-lit water temple (you may find a naked bather or two, so please let us know if you would prefer to not witness this.)

We leave the best for last, a climb to the top of the Glastonbury Tor. Witness the amazing energies of the Tor, find out why these hills are called sleeping dragons and look out over the sacred landscape all the way to Wales.

1 £95

2 £75 per person

3 £65 per person

4-8 £55 per person

9-12 £50 per person

13-20 £45 per person

21-40 £35 per person

kids go free.



Tour Guide.

All Transport.

Not Included:

Lunch and Dinner.

Entrance fees.


Meet outside St Johns Church, High St.

wear good walking shoes

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