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"Informative & Enjoyable Days Out"

Oct 2023 • Couples

We had a great couple of days out with Michael who we really enjoyed being with. He was very friendly, interesting and entertaining as well as informative. Highly recommend.

"A wonderful romp though a part of England that everyone should experience."

May 2023

In late May, my wife and I were taken on a enlightening jaunt from Glastonbury, through Dartmoor and on to Tintagel. Our host Michael combined a keenknowledge with charming humor in showing us a hunters lodge, Wistman's Wood,


May 2023

Tor was an amazing guide. All of the sites were so awe inspiring with great views. Glastonbury is definitely a place of myth, magic and wonder

"The Magical Mystical Tour"

Reviewed 21 July 2017

We did the 2 day/ overnight trip with Tor to Tintagel. Tor was so organized in planning interesting stops along the way and having all our meal reservations and B&B organized. He studies medieval history. Took us to the inner sanctum of Merlin's Cave (not a walk for the faint of heart, but exciting). Tor taught us about lei lines and ancient churches along our drive back to Glastonbury. He obviously loves his work and the travelers he escorts on the tours. The trip with him was the highlight of our two week stay in England.
Lynn and Blair

"Amazing Tour and amazing Guide!"

Reviewed 18 May 2017

Highly recomended! Amazing journey where you can discover the secrets and magic of this land. They are gentle, close, generous and funny too! Delightful memories!

“Cornwall Magic”

Reviewed July 28, 2013

Tor was absolutely wonderful. He took us to sacred sites over a two-days period. He not only told us about these places, but made space for us to really BE there with them. He is more than just a tour guide. He brings an intuitive sense of what may serve. He showed us how to draw a labrynth and then we walked it. We saw coastline, ruins, caves, tors, sacred groves and waterfalls. It was just perfect. I will definitely return for another tour.

Visited July 2013



"Cornwall and Tintagel"

Reviewed May 13, 2013

Cornwall and Tintagel is a two day trip because there is too much to see in 1 day. The beauty of the place is simply stunning. Make sure to go there in the summer when the sun is shining and it is warm. The walk to Necten's Glen (about 1 hour) is nature at its finest. And the waterfall is nothing less than majestic.
Merlin's cave is wondorous as are the views of the ocean. Be ready to take a lot of photos. If you are fortunate enought to get to explore into the inner sanctum prepare for a spiritual initiation.
Boscastle is a small village, but the stone masonry is the finest in the world.
Driving through Cornwall and seeing the landscape and slate walls with quartz toppings is a site to behold.
And having Tor as your guide is the way it should be. He is very close to this land and knows all about it.

Visited May 2013



“Magic tour with Tor”

Reviewed 2 October 2012

I had booked a magic tour for one day in Glastonbury and another one in Tintagel with guide Tor and was extremely anxious about visiting these legendary places. But the tour has exceeded my expectations by far! Tor is expert at guiding the visitor through the different realities that had an enormous influence on the places in the past. He knows a lot about the history as well as its spiritual roots. He’s such a gifted story teller that it gave me great pleasure listening to him. Thanks to Tor’s empathic ability, the tour became a very personal mystic experience.
Many thanks to you Tor and to your faithful four-legged companion Sage! I feel honoured and grateful for your guidance following the footsteps of the past. I have relished every minute with you!
Danièle from Switzerland

Visited August 2012


Zurich, Switzerland


“I had a great time!”

Reviewed 21 August 2012

I went on a day trip with Tor to Tintagel, and had a great time. I can recomend Tor's Tour of the Tor to everyone, he has a lot of knowledge and is dedicated to give you the best tour possible!

Visited July 2012

Kari L

Oslo, Norway


“Enjoyed every minute! Recommend to anyone!”

Reviewed 27 July 2012

I chose the two-day tour for a friend and I. we both enjoyed every minute; Tor has a wealth of information and experience to be able to explain the landscape and deeper meaning to Glastonbury. Together with his faithful companion Sage (a wonderful dog) Tor showed us a wide breadth of history to Glastonbury; he was honest about the ideas around the legends and myths, he personalised the trips to our interests and questions, and challenged the stereotypical view of Glastonbury, and my own understanding. He showed us the places and told us the stories even some locals didn't know! I would recommend his tour to everyone! In fact, I intend to bring my wife back to Glastonbury next time, and take the tour again with her! Thank you so much Tor, for your thoughtful insights and very interesting tour! Hope to see you again brother!

Visited July 2012



1 £295
2 £245 per person.
3 £200 per person
4-8 £145
per person
9 and above £105 per person.  
Under 16 with adult 50% off



Tour Guide.

All Transport.

Not Included:



Lunch and Dinner.

Entrance fees.

Airport Transfers.


10am Meet outside St Johns Church, High St or from your accommodation.


Wear good walking shoes.



King Arthur's Cornwall -
Two days in Tintagel, Boscastle, Dartmoor

Day One -
These are two days fit for any goddess or knight in search for the Holy Grail or Excalibur. We drive through the lands of these legends and present the truth hidden in a landscape where dragons fly and crystals emerge from the ground, where you meet real earth energy workers, witches and saints.

We begin the day by driving down the Michael ley line into the wilds of Dartmoor, where we cross bridges over 4000 years old and wander in the magical Wistman’s Faerie Wood.  We then dine, as nobles do, at the Hunting Lodge in the middle of the moors. Afterwards we climb up the holy Templar hill, Brentor, where a church greets us, perched on its peak as if held up only by magic and the energies of the Michael ley line.


We arrive in Tintagel where we settle into our B&B.

Day Two -


We start the day in the amazing town of Tintagel as the tide reveals one of the most magical places, where it is said Merlin himself worked and initiated druids, we will bravely clamber into ‘Merlin's Cave’ where we will do a visualization. As we emerge from the darkness of the cave, we will look up towards Tintagel Castle, which is perched on the cliffs above the cave.


Then we walk back into the little village and have a taste of Cornwall for lunch - if you haven’t had a pasty in Cornwall you haven’t had a pasty.  In the afternoon, we will explore the delightful landscape of Fairies and Gnomes through the woodland of Rocky Valley next to the river.


Then we will walk into the mystically beautiful St Nectan's Glen and waterfall.  Here a space is held for the Fairies and the spirit of the 5th century Celtic Christian Saint Nectan. This is said to be the place where the Knights of the Round Table came to be blessed before their quest for the Holy Grail. In the afternoon we travel back to Glastonbury.

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