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1 £95

2 £75 per person

3 £65 per person

4-8 £55 per person

9-12 £50 per person

13-20 £40 per person

21-40 £30 per person

kids go free.



Tour Guide.

Not Included:

Lunch and Dinner.



Meet outside St Johns Church, High St.




Wear good walking shoes, bring lunch, water and walking stick.

Walk the labyrinth on the Tor - an ancient rite of Glastonbury...

By Request​ (with Tor)

The 3d labyrinth, also known by the druids as 'The Dragon Path', is Glastonbury's most amazing secret. No one knows who made it or when it was built. The general thought is that it is an initiation path for druids to complete their apprenticeship. It resembles the inner labyrinth made up by the waterways within the Tor, which again was part of the druid initiation - if the apprentice didn't lose his mind while walking the labyrinth, he then would be considered a full druid.

On the winter solstice you can see the sun rise roll up the side of the tor from Windmill hill. At midday it stands directly above Chalice Hill, after which it starts setting and rolls down Wearyall hill. In the days when the 'Dragon Path' was truly defined, the sun would appear and disappear in the seven ledges of the Tor. Many say it is connected to the seven chakras.

The labyrinth walk takes three hours in and three hours out. This will take ? hours including a break at the top.
It is a challenging task and should be done in good health. Each person will receive a copy of the map on the left.

Call Tor now to book your walk on 07813156784

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