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"Great experience."

Nov 2023 • Friends

A great visit and a wonderful guide. Tor was very thoughtful and entertaining. Above all, his explanations were rich and interesting. Would repeat without a doubt.

"Tor's Tours: Book one now!"

Sept 2023 • Solo

I highly recommend Tor's historical and spiritual expertise. He is a true intermediary--a guardian of the land. My experience at Avebury, among those ancient stones, was life-changing.

"Very positive experience with Tor!"

Sept 2023 • Solo

A very relaxing and low-stress tour with lots of storytelling and explanations of the history of the area, without it being overload. I went solo and met wonderful people on the tour. Stonehenge is nothing short of magical. Tor is extremely knowledgeable of the area. He is a safe driver. Wonderful lunch stop. Highly recommend!

"Tor is Simply the Best Guide in Every Way, Look no Further!"

Reviewed 4 June 2017

We had an experience with Tor which surpassed all our expectations. We went on the Stonehenge/Avebury tour with Tor and he impressed us tremendously with the scope of his knowledge, his gentlemanly manners, his easy way, his clear love of people and a depth of understanding history from a perspective which made the experience one of the best in our lives. We love history, understanding how things came to be. We had many questions and Tor was able to answer all of them and open up a world of understanding to us which left us feeling so fulfilled and rich. He is storyteller and he lives and breathes this work. His enthusiasm and passion for all he showed us made us feel that we were transported to another time. Tor is the real deal. You will absolutely feel your money was well spent, that you made a friend and if you are like us, you will be wanting to go tour with him again asap. Thank you Tor, it was an experience of a lifetime and we can't wait to go explore King Arthur with you in Cornwall hopefully in September!

"Don't go without Tor!"

Reviewed 21 September 2017

WOW! I did 2 one-day tours with Tor and wished I had booked more days in Glastonbury so I could have continued going on more tours with him. SO much information, so many sacred and intriguing others overheard him speak, they started to tag along and joined our tours! Don't go without him--the experience becomes real. I will go back and even do the same tours, as I couldn't absorb it all the first time! : )

“More Tours with Tor Webster!”

Reviewed 27 May 2013

I visited Glastonbury in September 2013 and had a day tour with Tor Webster. I had such a good time I had to come back. This time in May 2013, we toured Bath (highly recommended), Stonehenge and Avebury (highly recommended), and Tintagel (highly recommended). All three of these tours were amazing.
I've been to Europe about 9 times, so I've seen a lot. All of these tours are quite stunning and worth every dime you spend. Tor can get you up close to the stones at Stonehenge at sunrise (if you book far enough in advance). That experience is mystifying. Then seeing the stones at Avebury an hour later is frosting on the cake.


San Francisco, California

Don Sedona, Arizona


“A Magical Adventure!!”

Reviewed 23 December 2012

Tor is an exceptional guide who is filled with boundless knowledge regarding the history, lore and myths of sacred lands. He magnified my journey into an incredible adventure! I usually prefer to roam around in new places on my own and in the past have never been compelled to have a tour guide, but after meeting Tor on top of the Tor in Glastonbury, while he was leading another group of people, I became captivated by his knowledge knew I just had to have him lead me on a journey. Tor guided me on a one-day adventure to and through Avebury and Stonehenge. It turned out to be one of the most incredible experiences I can remember. He is a down to earth friendly man, who, along with his incredible dog named Sage (I think of Sage as a secondary guide), I highly recommend you contact if you plan on visiting Sacred England and Scotland.


Brooklyn, New York


Stonehenge and Avebury -
6000 years of history in one day.

Tor’s Tour of Stonehenge is unlike any. The way he shares his visions of a world hardly known by historians is as if you are being transported into a timeless dream and seeing the ancients magically erecting the stone circle and aligning them to the solstices and equinoxes in person. He then takes you to a very special site that is only visited by 1% of tourists, here you can walk amongst 5000 years of history and imagine their motivation of creating such amazing sites.


After lunch, we head off to Avebury, the largest surviving stone circle in the world, a site where you sit in the seat of the ancient Arch Druids and learn about the stars in the way they taught. You feel the energies of the Michael ley line that travels perfectly up the serpent-like stone avenue, you will learn how the ancients aligned the stones to the stars, balanced the sacred masculine and sacred feminine with their stone circles, then you will entre a church from the Saxon period, 1000 years of worship and see the famous dragon font. Then you will get to visit the famous Silbury Hill that modern historians believe to have been an ancient pyramid.


You will not forget this day in a hurry, traveling through time with Tor’s magical vision of delights.

1 £185

2 £155 per person

3 £115 per person

4-8 £95 per person

9-12 £65 per person

13-40 £45 per person

for families kids go free


Tour Guide.

All Transport.

Not Included:

Lunch and Dinner.

Entrance fees


Meet outside St Johns Church, High St or from your accommodation.

Wear good walking shoes.

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