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Eight Day Tour of Sacred England.
Monday - Monday weekly

Day One : Arrival. Monday


We will whisk you up from the airport and drive you to the magical lands of Glastonbury, where you can settle into your accommodation. Meeting 2:30pm at Heathrow Airport Terminal 2 Arrivals, it is a three hour drive to Glastonbury.


Day Two : The Quest of Avalon. Tuseday


Begin your day with a guided walk across Avalon, be transported back 2000 years through the mists, to a time of magic, myths and legends, a time when the family of Christ arrived to these shores of Avalon. Stand next to the Holy Thorn Tree which grew from the staff given to Joseph of Arimathea, by Jesus himself.  He planted the staff as a symbol of the birth of a new way, the early Christian way, and worked with the Pagans and Druids who had used the ancient Isle of Avalon as a site for spiritual initiation for thousands of years.


Then be guided, via the hidden chapel of St Margret, to the site of the Wattle Church in the centre of the Glastonbury Abbey. The Wattle Church is England’s first ever building for Christian worship, built by Mary Magdalene and Joseph of Arimathea in 62AD. A few steps away we find the last resting place of King Arthur and Gwynevere and find out why it is there and how they are linked to the family of Christ.
The windows within St Johns church perfectly paint a picture of the hidden stories of old.


We go on our quest for the Holy Grail, said to be buried under the Chalice Well. Find out why these waters in this tranquil garden are said to be healing by drinking them yourself. Balance the red waters, the female energies of the Chalice Well, with the waters of the White Spring, the male energies, which is very close by, in a beautiful candle-lit water temple (you may find a naked bather or two, so please let us know if you would prefer to not witness this.)

We leave the best for last, a climb to the top of the Glastonbury Tor. Witness the amazing energies of the Tor, find out why these hills are called sleeping dragons and look out over the sacred landscape all the way to Wales.


Day Three : Six thousand years of mystery in one day. Wednesday.


Tor’s Tour of Stonehenge is unlike any. The way he shares his visions of a world hardly known by historians is as if you are being transported into a timeless dream and seeing the ancients magically erecting the stone circle and aligning them to the solstices and equinoxes in person. He then takes you to a very special site that is only visited by 1% of tourists, here you can walk amongst 5000 years of history and imagine their motivation of creating such amazing sites.


After lunch, we head off to Avebury, the largest surviving stone circle in the world, a site where you sit in the seat of the ancient Arch Druids and learn about the stars in the way they taught. You feel the energies of the Michael ley line that travels perfectly up the serpent-like stone avenue, you will learn how the ancients aligned the stones to the stars, balanced the sacred masculine and sacred feminine with their stone circles, then you will entre a church from the Saxon period, 1000 years of worship and see the famous dragon font. Then you will get to visit the famous Silbury Hill that modern historians believe to have been an ancient pyramid.You will not forget this day in a hurry, traveling through time with Tor’s magical vision of delights.


Day Four : Merlin’s Journey. Thursday.
These are two days fit for any goddess or knight in search for the Holy Grail or Excalibur. We drive through the lands of these legends and present the truth hidden in a landscape where dragons fly and crystals emerge from the ground, where you meet real earth energy workers, witches and saints.

We begin the day by driving down the Michael ley line into the wilds of Dartmoor, where we cross bridges over 4000 years old and wander in the magical Wistman’s Faerie Wood.  We then dine, as nobles do, in the middle of the moors. Afterwards we climb up the holy Templar hill, Brentor, where a church greets us, perched on its peak as if held up only by magic and the energies of the Michael ley line.


We arrive in Tintagel where we settle into our B&B.

Day Five : King Arthur's Cornwall. Friday.


We start the day in the amazing town of Tintagel as the tide reveals one of the most magical places, where it is said Merlin himself worked and initiated druids, we will bravely clamber into ‘Merlin's Cave’ where we will do a visualization. As we emerge from the darkness of the cave, we will visit Tintagel Castle Island, which is perched on the cliffs above the cave. Here we will place our foot where King Arthur himself was crowned.


Then we walk back into the little village and have a taste of the most famous Cornish lunch.  Then we will walk into the mystically beautiful St Nectan's Glen and waterfall.  Here a space is held for the Fairies and the spirit of the 5th century Celtic Christian Saint Nectan. This is said to be the place where the Knights of the Round Table came to be blessed before their quest for the Holy Grail. In the afternoon we travel back to Glastonbury.


Day Six : Reflection back in Glastonbury, Saturday.


You will find that your journey into the sacred lands of Avalon, Cornwall , Stonehenge and Avebury will open doors into magical places in your psyche, so it is good for you to spend a little time in silent reflection in the sacred landscape, processing and familiarising your self with your new connections and abilities. We suggest you choose where you would like to be - Chalice Well, the Abbey, the White Spring, the Tor or finding the last magical tool from one of the many shops to take home with you to remind you of your magical trip.

Or you may like to book in for an hour long healing and channelling session with Tor, at 10am or 11:30am or 1pm.

Day Seven : a Taste of Glastonbury, Sunday.

This day, May I suggest you try some of the many therapies on offer in Glastonbury, at a special  Tor’s Tours discounted price.

Day Eight: We travel back to Heathrow, Monday.

We depart Glastonbury at 10:30 am and we will arrive back at Heathrow before 2pm.

Whilst we travel we can talk your amazing adventures through the sacred landscapes of England or just reminisce on all your adventures and recall the delights of Tor's Tours and we hope to see you again.

Eight day tour of Sacred England.

Heathrow pick up Monday - Heathrow drop off following Monday.
All Transport included.
Accommodation & entrance fees not included.
See accommodation suggestions.
1 £850
2 £800 Per person
3 £750 per person
4-8 £700 per person.
9 above £650 per person
Under 16 with adult 50% off



"Awesome Eight Day Tour of England"

Jun 2023 • Business

I having been leading group trips to sacred sites since 1993.
We have studied Ethnobotany, Cultural Ecology and worked with the Mysteries of the Ancient Ancestors globally.

Tors tours was fantastic and one of my all time favorite Journeys. It was full of Lore and History. I not only loved our travels along the lay lines, but the added Spiritual insights and Magical experiences that were interwoven. The places we stayed and our meals were simple, cozy, non-commercial and comforting. This tour was “The Best”!
Thank you Tor and Michael for a delightful introduction to magical England.


Jul 2022 • Family

We had a fantastic time with Tor visiting Glastonbury's sacred sites. His knowledge of all the facts and legends is absolutely enlightening. We got much more than we expected and we highly recommend his service if anyone plans a visit to Glastonbury, the most enchanting and highly energetic place I've ever been. The company of his precious dog was a delight and a treat.


"Best tour ever..."

Reviewed 21 November, 2017

I took the six day tour in early September 2017...both Tor and Michael guided...two truly magical people...I will admit I was not versed in the spiritual ways of Glastonbury and area...but these guides provided a whole new and vibrant way of looking at the world...I saw some of the most beautiful spots and learn so much...all provided by these guides with a joy for the world and everything in it...they were gentle, accommodating and helpful...we were small groups...lots of information...these were tours where you really could make them whatever you needed...Tor and Michael were up for a discussion on anything...while I loved my three weeks in England...this tour was by far the highlight of the trip and I would recommend these tours to anything will look at the world differently and with a little more joy in your heart...thanks Tor and Micheal.

“Magical week with Tor”

Reviewed June 19, 2013

My wife and I just got home from spending a glorious week on Tor's "Seven Day Tour of Sacred Britain". It was our best vacation in many years.
We spent the first few days exploring Glastonbury, spent a day on the Salisbury plain (Stonehenge, Woodhenge, Avebury), a day traveling through Devon (Dartmoor National Park, Wistman's Wood, Two Bridges) on our way to Cornwall. In Cornwall, we visited several sites connected to the King Arthur legends (Tintagel castle, Merlin's cave) and enjoyed some wonderful woodland walks (St Nectan's Glen, Rocky Valley, St Juliot church in the woods). I especially liked the open spaces and invigorating breezes of Dartmoor; Tor said I must have some Scottish blood in my lineage because I felt so at home there.
The B&B accommodations included in the tour package were very comfortable and welcoming. Contrary to what we've heard from others, the food was quite good as well. Make sure to bring a camera, good walking shoes and layered clothing to adjust to the range of wind and weather. We wished we had brought our binoculars for some of the high places we visited.
All of the sights and sounds of our visit were great but the true highlight of our trip was spending time with Tor and his amazing dog, Sage; their aura is so calm and friendly. From the time Tor picked us up from the airport, he made us feel like old friends. He's got an unique ability to point out the spiritual aspects and connections of the places we visited, even the more tourist-oriented attractions.
If your travels take you anywhere near Glastonbury, try spending some time with Tor; you won't regret it.

Visited June 2013


“Our Journey from the inside out”

Reviewed 20 March 2013

I am so grateful to Alyson for choosing the best Tour Guide England has to offer! Tor not only took us on a journey upon the earth but also on a journey inward. Giving us an opportunity to learn about ourselves and to heal. We did not escape without a bit of fun and laughter too!! I WILL be back!!

Visited March 2013

Jen Y

West Chester, Pennsylvania, Usa


“Amazing experiences for our group”

Reviewed 18 March 2013

We recently had a group of 10 on a Sacred Sites Tour of Somerset and Cornwall. In making our preparations we knew that we wanted a tour guide who could give us more of an 'off the beaten path' type of experience. We also wanted to delve into the more metaphysical/spiritual side of things and Tor Webster proved to be perfect for our group on both counts. It surely was Divine intervention when we found Tor!
Tor shared his extensive knowledge, the myths and his own personal thoughts and feelings with us at every stop on our tour (Glastonbury and Cornwall) which brought everything vividly to life for us. Together with his faithful companion, Sage (a beautiful Border Collie), we walked and connected with the land that Tor loves so much. His spiritual connection to Mother Earth is palpable and by the end of our trip we all felt that amazing connection as well.
Tor was immediately a 'brother' to us all. He was quick to offer a helping hand as we climbed the Tor or as we scrambled down to Merlin's Cave. His kindness and love shone through in all that he did. It was amazing to us all that we had just met Tor as it felt as if we had known him for lifetimes (which perhaps we have!). He was with us at every moment of our 7 day tour and we wouldn't have wanted it any other way!
Tor introduced us to his beautiful mother, Lisahanna who so graciously welcomed us all into her B&B/Retreat Centre (The Arimathean Retreat, Glastonbury) and we met many of his other friends along our journey who were happy to share their experiences and knowledge with us.
What can I say? It was pure magic. Each of us had an individual experience that we will never forget. We are already planning our next trip with Tor. Our experiences will never be forgotten. Thank you Tor - we will definitely meet again!


Paget, Bermuda



Reviewed 18 March 2013

A group of friends went to England to see the sacred sites of the Glastonbury Tor, Stonehenge, Chalice Well etc. Tor collected us all from the airport and acted as our tour guide for the week, through Glastonbury and then on to Cornwall. His knowledge of the land, the history and the town are inexhaustible - he feels the deeper connections and shares them freely. He went out of his way to accomdate our varied requests and always did so with a smile (and usually an excellent story). Tor made this trip unforgettable, already looking forward to getting back.

Visited March 2013

Megan D

Hamilton, Bermuda


“Tor's Magical and Mystical Sacred Britain Tour”

Reviewed 4 June 2012

What a blessing to have Tor Webster and his dog Sage take our group of 5 on a tour of Sacred Britain. We spent 7 magical and mystical days touring with Tor. Tor has deep knowledge of so many special places and each day he held a different adventure for us. Being on vacation can present a conflict as whether to go, go, go or relax but being on Tor’s tour was a perfect blend of both. He knew when to get the group up and moving and when to sit and enjoy the beautiful scenery. JFava, CT, USA

Visited May 2012

JoAnn F

Danbury, Connecticut


“Adventure at its finest.”

Reviewed 31 May 2012

Tor Webster is, among many other things, a man of the world. Though he has traveled far and experienced much, he need go no further than Glastonbury, the town where his heart lies, to display the pride of any nation's greatest leader, the wisdom of a sage far beyond his years, and yet the unwavering cheeriness, humor, and devoted love of a boy at play. This sense of endless youth is instilled in anybody that walks with him, and of course his faithful dog, Sage, as they take you back through history, to a time when mankind was in tune with the land, and erected the Tors and mysterious standing stones for purposes of science and religious worship alike. He will take you to Stonehenge, the most famous of these sites, where thousands a day flock to catch a view of such wonder and feel the indescribable power of these mysterious megaliths. He will also take you to other such sites, some much lesser known and yet no less significant, where you can walk right up and touch a piece of history, and be disturbed by no more than an old couple that happened to be wandering by on one of the many connecting footpaths that weave through the entire country. Tempting though it may be to run down these endless trails and seek out whatever Adventure lies within and beyond them, it may benefit you more to stay close to Tor Webster, for he always has a story to tell; a story that you won't ever want to miss, since you too will become a part of it.


Bloomfield, Connecticut


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