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Day 1
Collection from Dublin Airport.

Dublin: the centre of the Irish universe. Full of music, laughter and stories, all of which we will immerse ourselves into - maybe with a pint of Guinness as we listen to the locals playing traditional music at the famous 'Cobblestones.'

We stay the night in a Dublin B&B.

Day 2
Newgrange and Knowth Cairns - Ireland’s most famous Neolithic sites.

Newgrange, the most amazing and complete long barrow in the world. Where the ancients honoured the sun and the moon, at the solstices and equinoxes, for many thousands of years. Where people worship nature, and we welcome you to connect to these energies too. A truly ‘once in a lifetime’ experience…
After a hearty Irish lunch we enter deeper into the mystery and visit the lesser known Knowth Cairns. We will also visit the majestic Celtic cross at Monasterboice, the 5th century seat of St Buite, one of St Patrick's original followers.

Day 3
Tara, Tara Well & the Cairns of Loughcrew.

The hill of Tara is the the hub of the Druidic and Fae culture in the Celtic world. Said to be where the Tuatha Dé Danu, the mythical Faery people of Goddess Danu, ascended into the other realms. We will walk, journey and meditate where our ancestors have; drink of the holy Faery well, sing and dance to celebrate the joys of life.

In the afternoon, after lunch, we will visit the magical Cairns of Loughcrew. We will try to decipher the ancient artwork… maybe we will answer the mysteries of the Tuatha Dé Danu, and of their disappearance?

Day 4
Kildare, the home of Brigid, and St. Brigid’s Well.

Brigid has to be one of the most fascinating Saints in modern mysteries and spirituality. She represents the divine feminine, the Bride of Christ, Mary Magdalene; but also the much more ancient tradition of the triple Goddess.

After lunch, we will visit the site that she is most associated with in Killdare - her ancient springs, where the waters are said to contain the source of life itself. We will give the whole day to honour her; we will go deep into her stories, meditate, and discuss her origins.

We will spend the night in Glendalough.

Day 5
Glendalough, Wicklow, and the stone circles of Castleruddery and Athgreany Piper’s Stones.

Glendalough is one of the most exhilarating Celtic Christian sites in the world, full of ancient intrigue. We explore tombstones that date from nearly 2000 years ago, as well as round towers from similar age. You can truly feel the magical atmosphere, so rich in history, on a site where the largest ever Viking ship was built in AD1042.

Lunch will be at the famous Avoca Hand Weavers, a wonderful old hand weavers’ company still in operation today.

In the afternoon we will visit the amazing moorland scenery of the Wicklow Gap to visit two stone circles, Castleruddery and Athgreany Piper’s Stones - both astonishing examples of ancient astrological sites.  

Day 6
The Burren

We drive across the country taking in all the beauty it has to offer. Today you will truly appreciate why this magical land is called the 'Emerald Isle’.

We will have lunch at the herb farm.

In the afternoon we will visit Kylemore Abbey and Victorian walled gardens - an experience full of grandeur!

The evening brings another opportunity to immerse ourselves in traditional Irish music, in the fabulous city of Galway.

Day 7
Visit the cliffs of Moher and Doolin.

The cliffs of Moher is one of the most breathtaking sites of natural beauty. Here you can see why the ancient Saints and Goddess of Ireland saw these cliffs as God's Land.

We will have lunch in Doolin, a town offering the loveliest traditional Irish music performed by the local fishermen. We will sing and dance the night away in great Irish style before we take to the waters ourselves in the morning.

We stay the night in Doolin.

Day 8.
Travel to Inishmore

Inishmore is the largest and most western of the Aran Islands, where time has stopped and tourism hasn't touched its raw beauty. We will explore the island’s glorious natural wonders.

After lunch in a converted weaver's cottage, we will visit the spectacular ancient fort of Dún Aonghasa. Perched on the cliffs, you can sit on the edge of the world, look out over the Atlantic Ocean and dream of times gone by; of adventures exploring new lands, and of the mysteries of sunken Atlantis...

We will stay on Inishmore for the night.

Day 9

Kells Abbey is famous for the Celtic Christian scripture known as the Book of Kells. Here you can truly feel the reverberations of this culture and the people inspired by it. Walk around the Abbey and take in the tranquility.

We will have lunch at the Abbey, then drive back to Dublin for our last supper and ‘knees-up’.

We will stay in Dublin.

Day 10

We will visit Trinity College to see the famous Book of Kelly. In the afternoon you can wander around Dublin’s amazing shops before we say goodbye, and you fly home or your next destination, carrying wonderful memories of a truly magical land.

And, if you’ve been inspired by all Ireland has to offer, why not make the short journey over the sea for our six-day tour of sacred England?


Ireland - Celtic Magic - Ten Day Tour
By Request​ (with Tor)

1 £1800 per person

2 £1450 per person
3 £1350 per person
4-8 £1250
per person
9 onwards £1150 per person
Under 16 with adult 50% off.



Tour Guide.

All Transport.

Airport Transfers.

Not Included:



Lunch and Dinner.

Entrance fees



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