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No1  Award-winning UK tours with Leading
expert of myths and legends Tor Webster
Ideal for a 'Staycation'


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Winner of
Experience of the Year Award' 2023/24

Winner of
Best Tour Co SW
Award' 2022

Winner of
'Unsung Hero
Award' 2020/21

Winner of
Award 2019/20

Top Tour on
Trip Advisor.

Winner of
Best Tour Co
Award' 2021/22

" Tor’s Tours are life changing."

Tor's Tours


Tor’s Tours have been enjoyed over the last decade by various visitors and pilgrims, from the humble solo traveller to large groups, colleges and schools.

Many retreat groups have been delighted by Tor’s spiritual knowledge whilst walking the sacred lands or receiving the inspiring myths and legends and joining personalised guided visualisations to help navigate the transformational experience.

Tor has been developing his channelling abilities since being taught visualisation skills, as a child, by his mother; this has given him a unique ability to tailor-make your tour to suit and fulfil your needs.

So if you’re inspired to come alone or with your family or bring your spiritual group. Get in touch, and we will help start your magical mystery tour.

aka - Tor's Tour of the Tor
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